Madeira Experience

Archery, crossbow, blowpipe shooting

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Archery, crossbow, blowpipe shooting


- Instruction
- All equipment
- Debriefing
- Tutoring

Full description

- Bow and arrow, as one of the very first inventions, have been faithful companions to humanity to this day.
- e experience will start with a brief introduction by one of our instructors about safety and equipment.
- The instructor will improve your skills by sharing technical tips and you'll be an expert in no time.
- Crossbow, blowgun and bow & arrow are three shooting goods of different origin.
- The challenge of achieving the focused goal through good technique, concentration and inner peace


- Play archery with your friends or work colleagues
- Combine your archery adventure with a meeting, drinks, barbecue, workshop or other team-building exercises,

Know before you go

- The minimum age for this activity is 8.
- A minimum of 6 people per activity is required.

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